Living Microgreens Varieties

We are always experimenting with new varieties, but these species are our standbys! All of our microgreens are sold in a LIVING state, on a 5.5″x7.5″ coconut grow pad. Our microgreens are non-GMO and organically grown! $8 each or mix-and-match 3/$20! Click “Order Online” to arrange for delivery at peak freshness- from our vertical farm to your table! There is no charge for delivery! Our microgreens are grown to be ready for sale between Friday and Sunday and can be incorporated into meals for over a week following your purchase!


A favorite of health fanatics- medium in size, mild in flavor, excellent source of detoxifying sulforaphane, a proven anti-cancer agent!


Our largest variety, these beauties are technically considered “shoots” since they typically have already developed their “true leaves” in the 8-9 days from our seed station to your kitchen!

Red Cabbage

Incredible purple color, loaded with anthocyanins to protect against oxidative stress and chronic inflammation!


Our spiciest variety- packs a flavorful and colorful punch to power salads! Our mix includes a purple and pink radish for a multichromatic veggie experience!


The most mild flavored of our microgreens- PERFECT in fruit smoothies! Our Red Russian kale has a showy pink stem!

Mixed Micros

Get the best of three worlds- broccoli, red cabbage, and kale all mixed in one! This is certainly our most popular variety. The more veggies, the merrier!


Calling allium lovers! If you love onion, you will be addicted to these delicate micros! Chefs especially love our microleeks!


This is the most micro- of our microgreens. These short sprouts have a powerful and pungent kick for those who love the flavor of arugula! Our micro-arugula has a cult following.

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